Enerdeal inaugurates a new solar project in Cabo Verde with Caixa Economica

Praia, July 05, 2019

Enerdeal together with its local partner Elseg is very proud to inaugurate today in Praia (Cabo Verde) a first of its kind solar project on the roof of the headquarter of Caixa Economica, a leading banking institution in the country.

Caixa Economica ran a competitive bidding process in 2018 which the consortium Enerdeal-Elseg won. The structure (a carport-like) is installed on the top of a 9-floor building and is highly visible from many spots in the capital.

Antonio Moreia Semedo, CEO of Caixa Economica: “We are very pleased with this project which positions the bank as a leading green actor in the region and which should open new financing opportunities for such projects with our clients”.

Antao Chantre, Caixa Economica executive director in charge of infrastructure: “I had a dream; we did it. We are extremely happy with the performance of the system which is even beyond our expectations as after only 6 months of operation, we have already paid back 23% of the investment”.

A promising collaboration between Enerdeal, Elseg and Caixa Economica for other common business opportunities in the country!