Enerdeal signs a major solar energy contract with Cofinimmo

On 20.09.2015, Enerdeal signed a major contract with Cofinimmo, the Belgian leading real estate company, for the development, operation and financing of solar photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of several energy intensive buildings of their portfolio. Cofinimmo will thereby substantially improve the CO2 footprint of its buildings, giving access to higher environmental certifications, while simultaneously increasing the attractiveness of their investments through reduced common charges of electricity and greener corporate image for the tenants.


About Cofinimmo :

Cofinimmo is today the foremost listed Belgian real estate company specializing in rental property and an important player in the European market. The company owns a diversified property portfolio spread over Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, worth close to 3.3 billion EUR, representing a total area of over 1,800,000 m². Riding on demographic trends, its main investment segments are healthcare properties (43 %), offices (40 %) and property of distribution networks (16 %). As an independent company that consistently applies the highest corporate governance and sustainability standards, Cofinimmo services its tenants and manages its properties through its team of over 115 people, operating from Brussels.

Cofinimmo is listed on Euronext Brussels (BEL20) and benefits from the fiscal REIT regime in Belgium (RREC), in France (SIIC) and in the Netherlands (FBI).

More info on http://www.cofinimmo.com


About Enerdeal:

Enerdeal, headquartered in Luxembourg and Belgium, with operations in Middle East and Africa, is a leader in the development, operation, and financing of industrial size solar power plants. Its clients are mostly process industries, retail malls and large building offices which consume large quantities of electricity. Thanks to an integrated value proposition, Enerdeal helps leading edge companies generate substantial savings while benefiting from strong corporate social responsibility image through green energy internal production. From rooftop to bottom line, we generate long term business results and social value.

More info on http://www.enerdeal.com