Enerdeal signs a strategic partnership with Elseg in Cape Verde

On Wednesday August 09, 2017 in Praia, ENERDEAL signed a strategic partnership for solar project developments with the company ELSEG, a leading player in Cape Verde in the installation and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment.

Operating on all the Cape Verdian islands for decades, the company ELSEG, founded and managed by Rui Amarante da Rosa, also VP of the southern Chamber of Commerce of Cape Verde, has for long been a pioneer in innovative energetic solutions from which water pumping systems and renewable energy installations.

Cape Verde benefiting of one of the highest solar irradiation levels of Africa but suffering from high electricity costs due to its complex geography (ten islands, not interconnected by a common  grid, thus powered each by thermal power plants), industrial solar power plants have naturally emerged as the undoubtedly best suited solution to face the country energetic challenges.

Through its dedicated sister company “Sunny Investment” managed by Miguel Monteiro, ELSEG will strategically partner with ENERDEAL to leverage its experience and address the market with a combined expertise of more than 100 industrial-size solar power plants, to the attention of heavy electricity consumers such as the agro-food or process industry but also, large office buildings, public services or rural electrification, either on-grid or fully offgrid and thus hybridized to existing gensets and/or battery solutions.

Besides their complementary track records, both companies will bring on the Cape Verdian market the proven “Smart Energy Today” concept  of ENERDEAL, based on a proprietary third party financing model which allows large and solid companies to benefit from solar electricity as a service, thus without investing on their own and relying on solid local partners for maintenance and performance management.

On the picture (from left to right): Pol Goetzinger (Sustain), Rui Amarante da Rosa (Elseg), Miguel Monteiro (Sunny Investment) and Francois Neu (Enerdeal).