Enerdeal signs one of the largest fully off-grid solar power plant in Africa with Forrest Group


Enerdeal signs a 1 MW solar power plant with 3 MWh battery storage in Katanga Democratic Republic of Congo, the largest off-grid solar plant in DRC and one of the largest off-grid solar plant in Africa

Enerdeal S.A (headquartered in Belgium and Luxembourg (http://www.enerdeal.com) is pleased to announce the signature with Groupe Forrest International S.A. (http://www.forrestgroup.com ) of a major solar power plant for the city of Manono, a remote rural city in the province of Katanga, south of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The project consists of 1 MW ground-mounted solar panels, backed with 3 MWh batteries, to give power to a region with no access to electricity. This production capacity is being coupled with several km of medium and low voltage transmission lines, in order to power street lights and households and to enhance the development of new small and medium industries in the area.

Frédéric Chaudoir (CEO of EPS & Congo Energy, subsidiaries of Forrest Group): “The historical presence of the Forrest group in DRC since 1922 demonstrates our full commitment to develop the infrastructures of the country and participate in the economic growth. Energy is definitely getting more and more strategic focus both for the country and for us. With this first major solar project in the country, we are convinced it will generate a lot of similar initiatives given the obvious self-sufficiency of its operation. No more diesel, decentralized solution, grid independent… We are pleased to have signed with Enerdeal which have demonstrated extensive technological knowledge and great flexibility to adapt to tough logistical and local technical constraints.”

Grégoire de Pierpont (CEO of Enerdeal): “We are very proud of this new contract, which reflects both our expertise and the strategic developments we have been addressing for the last years towards the African and the Middle East markets, with huge potential and opportunities for renewable energy developments. The mid-size market we are focusing on (0.5MW to 10MW, off-grid with hybrid solar-battery-diesel solutions) is definitely the most promising segment of these regions which will rapidly evolve to the development of microgrids, segment in which we are very active. We are proud to have been selected by the Forrest International Group, a recognized and leading economic player in DRC. This project is one of the largest full off-grid project in Africa, with major economical and societal impact.

Luxembourg & Brussels, May 17, 2016