Enerdeal successfully commissioned the largest fully offgrid solar power plant of Africa

Brussels & Luxembourg, March 30, 2018


Pursuant to intensive competitive bidding process and challenging technological constraints, Enerdeal is very proud to have commissioned on March 30, 2018 the largest full offgrid solar power plant of Africa without hybridization to any thermal generator.

The offgrid power plan is part of a larger project developed and managed by Congo Energy, part of Group Forrest International, headquartered in Wavre, Belgium. The ultimate client is SNEL (Societe Nationale d’ Electricite). It is located in the city of Manono, province of Tanganyika in Democratic Republic of Congo. With 3MWh of battery storage and no other source of supply than solar only, the project has now brought back light and energy to this city of 20,000 inhabitants.

Grégoire de Pierpont, CEO of Enerdeal: “This project was an incredible engineering challenge, given remote location, harsh climatic conditions, no reference in the world of such system and extremely complex logistical constraints. The success is the outcome of a really great partnership collaboration and mutual trust with our client Group Forrest International. Definitely the source of many more promising opportunities in the region!”