ENERDEAL together with its Lebanese partner MEGREEN awarded a 229 kWp solar power plant in Lebanon, on the roof of ABC Dbayeh, a large shopping mall.

ENERDEAL (headquartered in Belgium and Luxembourg (http://www.enerdeal.com) is pleased to announce the signature through its Lebanese partner MEGREEN (http://me-green.net/en ) headquartered in Byblos, north of Beirut of one of the first and largest industrial solar rooftop power plants in Lebanon.

The project consists in 897 polycrystalline panels to be installed on the roof of the ABC shopping mall located in Dbayeh. The facility is connected to the EDL electricity network but given frequent outages, it is also operating with diesel generators to secure operations. The estimated annual solar production will represent 357 MWh.

ABC group is one of the premier shopping and lifestyles destinations in Lebanon and Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic value of the group, making them one of the leading private Lebanese companies in environmental protection and green energy production;

Wajdi Habib (CEO of MEGREEN): “MEGREEN has been a pioneer in renewable energy development in Lebanon. We are now the market leader for domestic solar power solutions packaged with batteries, in order to face the frequent daily outages which occur throughout the country. In parallel, we have developed a solar thermal packaged solution making these both products a must for more and more home owners. Two years ago, we decided to strategically partner with Enerdeal which have demonstrated a great track record in Europe and a development strategy in line with our ambitions. They bring us their experience and expertise through detailed engineering in industrial size photovoltaic projects, help us ramp up the way to professional solutions while sharing best practices and access to their preferred suppliers. The promise thus of a great partnership!”

Francois Neu (VP Sales & Marketing of ENERDEAL): “We are very proud of this new contract, which reflects both our expertise and the strategic developments we have been addressing for the last years with MEGREEN. Lebanon is a promising market for solar energy, not only because of obvious high solar irradiation but particularly due to the unreliable grid supply and the heavy and growing economy. These factors make solar energy a reliable and profitable source of supply on top of sustainable focus. In all the regions of our international expansion, the strategy is the same: partner with a well establish local player who shares our values and ambitions. We operate with MEGREEN in a full transparency and a great sense of mutual entrepreneurship.”