Luxembourg awards Enerdeal a solid support for solar development in Cape Verde

The Government of Luxembourg launched last May 2016 a call for project named “Business Partnership Facility”, managed by the LuxDev cooperation agency, aimed at sustaining Luxembourgish companies who wish to develop technological projects with societal focus in developing countries.

After an intensive selection process, Enerdeal has just been informed by Romain Schneider, Luxembourg Minister of Cooperation, that we have been officially selected and awarded a financing support for the realization of innovative renewable energy projects in Cape Verde with major focus on solar photovoltaic, storage, financing solution and training of local teams for maintenance purpose.

This initiative is realized in partnership with the companies Sustain (, PPP developer), SWIRL (, developer of micro wind turbines) and Gtek (, renewable energy project engineering based in Cape Verde). These projects will also include a cooperation with the CERMI, training center in Cape Verde for industrial maintenance and renewable energy.

Very pleased of this selection, Enerdeal is also proud to have been awarded, reflecting its sound track record and expertise at international level. The development in Africa is a strategic focus for us; several similar other projects are under progression in Congo, Senegal, Madagascar,…