Do the obvious! Solar & Electromobility: @ Enerdeal, we “walk our talk”

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Climate change urgency, electricity price peaking up, electromobility on the verge, corporate social responsibility, …

At Enerdeal, we walk our talk, meaning we live our value, we implement the solutions we recommend to our clients.

Since early 2021, we have turned our company car policy into a fully 100%-electric one. Both for 100% of the people as for 100% of the engine, meaning no hybrid. On top of our ISO 14001 certification, this significant change definitely strengthens our credo: we can be sustainable, profitable and responsible while getting it achievable for everyone.

Both our office of Luxembourg and Zaventem are equipped with solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. And much more, our Zaventem infrastructure is now used as a demo plant for our clients, as well as an internal “solar charging lab” source of continuous developments.

We have thus installed on our roof, 300 solar panels, totaling about 110 kWp of solar capacity. This solar installation produces annually about 95 MWh of electricity, saving about 45 tons of CO2 annually, which is equal to the annual consumption of 12 households or the energy necessary to drive up to 450,000 km every year. Given a quite small electrical consumption of our offices, we are thus now 100% net zero emission both for our office and for our driving needs. With the fix cost of electricity brought by solar (mostly capex and very limited opex), we can say now that… we almost don’t care of electricity price increase any more… We have indeed also added a 130 kWh battery, allowing us to store the energy produced during the weekend and when we do not consume. Thanks to this battery, we have avoided the significant cost of a reinforcement of our grid connection, allowing to “pump from the grid” the complementary electricity in low voltage.

On our parking, we have installed 12 EV charging stations from 11 to 22kW each. Besides technology and environmental focus, the economics of the project are also obvious. Our fleet manager is definitely pleased to see the company car total budget going down because of a much cheaper source of energy.

Rather than “filling” their batteries at home or on public charging infrastructures, smoothly feeding them at the office is much cheaper. And greener!

An newly developed app also affords users to select, on their phone, if they can afford getting their car charged fully green through solar-powered electricity only during the whole day or if they need to get a priority fast charging profile, backed by the grid and the stationary battery because they need to leave the office earlier or they need to drive a long distance.

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