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Electricity production in offgrid remote areas

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Green energy as a service

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Third party financing

Solar energy seems to have reached it’s maturity phase after a tumultuous teenager period. The future looks brighter than ever thanks to new business models. Find out more about third party financing in this whitepaper!

Solar perspectives for Africa.

Access to electricity represents a key factor for the economic and social development of the African continent. At the end of 2014, grid connected ratios are still striking and challenging. Only 12% of the population living in Sub-Sahara countries have access to electricity. We believe the solution to this problem is a hybrid between Solar and Diesel. Read about it in this whitepaper!

Myths & realities about solar energy

In this whitepaper we debunk the myths that still exist about solar energy. Is it profitable in areas with a low amount of sun? Why not just build in the Sahara? Is the time ripe to invest or not? Enter your information to download and find out!